THE NINTH YEAR OF TORY GOVERNMENT: Foreword by Winston Churchill, 1904

Posted on Sep 11, 2012

The Ninth Year of the Tory Government (The Session of 1904) Home Affairs

A supplement to the handbook “EIGHT YEARS OF TORY GOVERNMENT 1895-1903.” 1904. The Liberal Publications Department.

With a Foreword by Mr. Winston Churchill, M.P., House of Commons, August 2nd. 1904
The foreword starts with “A most miserable, barren, worthless, squalid and profitless session.”

The pamphlet has been removed from a bound set of pamphlets so the spine has the appropriated damage which can easily be repaired but other than that, this is  a fine copy of a scarce pamphlet.

Cohen: D7

Estimated value: $800

The Ninth Year of the Tory Governemnt pamphlet

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