The New Examen by John Paget: Critical Introduction & Signed by Winston S. Churchill

Posted on Dec 11, 2011

The Haworth Press, 1934
This is copy no. 8 of the Deluxe Limited Edition of 50 copies all of which are signed by Churchill. It is printed on hand-made paper by Sherratt and Hughes at the St. Ann’s Press, Manchester and bound in full chestnut Niger Morocco by Sangorski and Sutcliffe in the old style and is protected in a matching slip case. The publication price for this book in 1934 was three guineas (63 shillings).

This is a fine collector quality copy in pristine condition, valued at $10,000.

I welcome feedback from collectors and dealers alike regarding the valuation either up or down. I am trying to make this site as useful as possible for all collectors and of course would like to keep it continually updated.  Prices will always vary considerably and one has to expect to pay higher prices to a high end bookshop which has considerable overhead as compared to a part time internet dealer working from his home.

Woods B22, Cohen B53.1

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