Royal Brierley Crystal Goblets – Winston Churchill USA Honorary Citizenship 1964

Posted on Nov 27, 2011

Royal Brierley engraved crystal goblets by Thomas Goode & Co. London 1964.

Here we have two goblets from a limited edition of 500. The issue price was 30 guineas (UK £31.50). They were issued to commemorate the Honorary Citizenship bestowed on Sir Winston Churchill by the USA in 1964. Each goblet stands 6.5 inches high x 4 inches in diameter and is etched with a portrait of Churchill framed by a garland of oak leaves. With an American eagle on top of the garland, the date of the award is also etched on the goblet along with details of his birth etc.

Sir Winston Churchill died during the issue of these goblets; from then on his date of death was also etched onto the goblets. Because considerably fewer of the earlier ones were issued, they are more valuable. The estimated value of the goblets with the death date is $500 each and the ones without the death date $600 +.

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