PAMPHLETS and LEAFLETS – 9 Speeches by Winston Churchill

Posted on Sep 1, 2012

Pamphlets and Leaflets – Liberal Publication Department

Nine volumes of Pamphlets an Leaflets containing 9 scarce Speeches by Churchill. Publisher’s original green cloth covers with black leather spine, gilt lettering on spine and front.

 9 Volumes of the books: Pamphlets and Speeches by Winston Churchill

1903: Tory MP’s on Mr. Brodericks Army Corps Scheme. Cohen D1/1 not in Woods.
1904: 2 entries
– Winston Churchill on the Aliens Bill. Cohen A13. Woods A7
– The Issues at Stake. Cohen D8. Woods D(b)25

1905: No Churchill

1906: No Churchill

1907: National Demonstration in Favour of Land and Housing Reform on April 20th 1907. Cohen D11. Woods A10.

1908: Liberalism and Socialism by the Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill M.P. Cohen A24. Woods A13.

1912: 2 entries
– Irish Home Rule. February 8th 1912. Cohen A35.1. Woods A20(a).
– The Liberal Government and the Naval Policy. March 18th 1912 Cohen A36. Woods A21.

1914: The Tories and the Army. An Exposure by Mr. Churchill. March 30th 1914. Cohen A43. Woods A23.

1915: 18 Navy Estimates in the Great War. February 15th 1915. Cohen A45. Woods A24

Estimated value for the above 9 volumes of Pamphlets and Leaflets: $8,500

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