Two Anti-Semitic Nazi Propaganda Booklets Opposing Churchill, 1942

Posted on Apr 22, 2017

Two propaganda booklets printed in Serbia as part of the Nazi propaganda campaign against British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. – Belgrade, Serbia 1942.

Anti-Semitic booklet explaining why the smaller nations can’t trust Churchill and the Allies. Colored, anti-Semitic caricature on the title page.
8 pages, Serbian.
Colored jacket/title page.

Caricature of Churchill as a satanic drunk dressed up as an angel, with a Star of David in the background symbolizing the evils of the world.
12 pages, Serbian.
Colored, back jacket.

By April, 1941, most of Yugoslavia was captured by Nazi Germany. Milan Nedić, Prime Minister of the Nazi puppet government, began publishing anti-Semitic propaganda in October 1941. He published tens of posters, stamps and movies. This booklet opposes Churchill and the Allies, and was printed by the Commissar and German press in Belgrade in 1942.

Binding – not original
Very Good, Very Rare Booklets.

Not in any Israeli libraries.