My Thoughts on Collecting Churchill

As a collector you should always strive to get the very finest example of whatever it is you are collecting. Condition and scarcity are two of the primary drivers affecting price although being scarce does not automatically make something valuable, it also has to be collectable.

Just like the stock market, to make a sale there has to be a buyer, so the value of your item depends on what someone is willing to pay. While values can drop as sharply as they can soar I believe that if you have chosen Churchill you have a good chance of sound appreciation over time – provided you buy wisely.

The internet has made it easier to build a collection around any theme but always be careful when buying from unknown sources. There are many scammers out there as well as good people who just don’t know enough about the subject matter and overprice things accordingly. A prime example is the Churchill signature that is often listed on eBay, but in actual fact the signature is a facsimile.

Anyway, I hope this site will be of value to everyone – from the new collector to the seasoned veteran – even if you just need an inscribed copy of “Mr Broderick’s Army” to complete your collection.

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