FOR SALE: Churchill’s Book – Life Through His Paintings

Posted on Jul 19, 2015


Churchill’s Book – Life Through His Paintings  by David Coombs, with Minnie Churchill, featuring  Mary Soame’s foreword.

The title says it all: A magnificent, oversized book documenting more than 500 of Churchill’s painting. Each painting is accompanied with relevant text, providing a huge resource of background information per painting.

The Publisher, Levenger Press commissioned this Limited Edition celebrating the Honorary Citizen of the United States.

At age 40, a forced resignation by Winston Churchill from wartime British government resulted in an era of disappointment and depression in his political career. It was during this time that Churchill discovered painting, which fascinated him. He continued to paint throughout his lifetime. Art critic, David Coombs, together with Minnie Churchill (wife of Winston Churchill’s grandson) bring it all together in this book to tell the story of Churchill’s life through his own pictures.

Minnie Churchill, director of The Churchill Heritage, states that upon embarking on this mission in 1963 she had no idea of the number of paintings Churchill has completed. “I could not believe my eyes: neatly stacked on the floor were row upon row of canvas. Up until that point I had not been aware that Sir Winston was such a prolific painter…

Churchill's Book. Lift Through His Paintings. Limited Edition. # 1174 of 1500

Churchill’s Book. Lift Through His Paintings. Limited Edition. # 1174 of 1500

Levenger Press – Delray Beach, Florida. 2003

258 pages, oversize,  photos (mostly in color), prints, index

No 1174 of 1500 copies as stated on pre-title page

Black leather covered exterior, with gilt lettering on front and spine together with the original matching black leather slipcase.

Pristine condition: Like new. No stains, marks, scuffs, dents, tears or creases. Slipcase is in like new condition also. It looks like it just came from the publisher – never opened.

Zoeller 316

Selling Price: $300.00

If you wish to purchase this item please contact us using the form below: Any correspondence relating to this sale will not be displayed on this website. We shall not display your contact information, nor will we sell it. We respect your privacy.


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