FOR SALE: Churchill Centenary Claret Jug, Goblets: Garrads Silverware – $5,500.00

Posted on Jan 17, 2018

FOR SALE: Silver Claret Jug With Six Silver Goblets

Garrads & Co., the Crown Jewelers, issued a superb collection of nine distinct silverware items to mark the Churchill Centenary. Each were a limited edition of only 100 copies. This is a wonderful collection; all nine of the items were designed by John Spencer Churchill (nephew of Sir Winston) and Alex Styles, Garrads’s senior designer.

The nine silverware items by Garrads, to mark Churchill’s Centenary are:

  • silver claret jug with 6 goblets (featured here)
  • silver punchbowl with ladle and eight cups
  • pair of 10 inch salvers
  • cigar humidor
  • cigarette box
  • pair of coasters
  • bon-bon dish
  • silver paper-knife with a Churchill medallion in the handle
  • small silver statue (3.5″ high)

Here we have the claret jug with six goblets for sale.  The jug and goblets are made from solid silver and gilded on the inside; each of the goblets is finely engraved with a different design depicting major events that occurred during Churchill’s life.  The jug weighs 824gm and is 26.3cm in height and each of the goblets weigh 172gm and are 15cm high; each item has the Garrad’s stamp and appropriate hallmarking on the base.

This set of goblets and claret jug originally came in a presentation case; this set does not. The issue price of the claret jug and goblets in the presentation case was UK £985. Unfortunately, the presentation case for this set has not survived.

Churchill Centenary Jug & 6 Goblets in original presentation case

Selling price for claret jug with six goblets only, (no presentation case): $5,500.00

Claret jug with 6 goblets from the Churchill Centenary Collection by Garrads

Silverware - Churchill Centenary Jug & Goblets - by Garrads


If you wish to purchase this item please contact us using the form below: Any correspondence relating to this sale will not be displayed on this website. We shall not display your contact information, nor will we sell it. We respect your privacy.


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