FOR SALE: Winston Churchill Brooch, Pin

Posted on Aug 8, 2015


Winston Churchill Sterling Silver Brooch Pin by Deakin & Francis, Birmingham, England, 1966

Winston Churchill Brooch Pin 1966

Churchill Brooch Pin 1966 by Deakin & Francis of Birmingham, England

Cameo: Jasperware / basalt

The sterling silver surround shows the Tudor Rose (England), Thistle (Scotland), Dragon (Wales) and the Great American Eagle (USA), holding an olive branch and arrows in her talon.

Recall that Churchill was declared an honorary citizen of the United States in 1963, three years before Deakin & Francis’s created this brooch pin. Winston Churchill is one of only eight people ever granted Honorary United States Citizenship; only two, Sir Winston Churchill and Mother Teresa, during their lifetimes.

Deakin & Francis jewelers and silversmiths (often referred to as ‘Deakins’), date back to 1786; Deakins, now in its 7th generation, continues to produce a wide array of luxury handmade items.

Measures 1 5/16″ tall, 1 5/8″ wide
Weighs 12.5 grams

Secure, roll-over clasp

Selling Price: $150.00

If you wish to purchase this item please contact us using the form below: Any correspondence relating to this sale will not be displayed on this website. We shall not display your contact information, nor will we sell it. We respect your privacy.


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