Facsimile Autographs – Winston Churchill

Posted on Jan 21, 2012

Here we have some examples of facsimile (printed) notes.
Thousands of these notes were printed and mailed to Churchill well-wishers who had sent greetings on his birthday or some other such occasion.

They are usually printed on authentic notepaper with the address of Chartwell, 10 Downing Street or The House of Commons as can be seen on these examples.  While they are still of interest to collectors you should not pay more than $40 or $50 for them.  I have seen unscrupulous sellers on Ebay listing them for $600 or more – and even when I contact the seller explaining the difference between a facsimile autograph and a real Churchill autograph my message is ignored. So collectors and prospective buyers, beware. The same goes for any Churchill signature; always try to obtain some provenance. I will be putting up some authentic autographed letters at a later date so that you can get a better idea of what to look for.

Facsimile letters and postcards from the Churchills

Another thing to bear in mind, if Churchill was writing a note or letter to an individual it is reasonable to expect that he would have addressed the individual by name or title in the body of the letter. If this is not the case, as in these examples, you are looking at a facsimile signature. These thank you notes were printed and sent to thousands of people and often they were saved with the original typed envelope and handed down through several generations. If you are in possession of one of these you are not alone in thinking that the ‘letter’ from Churchill left to you by your grandfather or mother-in-law contains Churchill’s autograph, and while I understand that this is what one may automatically assume, know that what you have is actually a facsimile signature. Just be aware of the difference, especially before handing out huge amounts to purchase one.

Value for this collection: $300

7 Churchill letters/notes with facsimilie signatures

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Facsimile letter dated 1950 from Winston Churchill

Facsimile letter dated 1955 from Winston Churchill

Facsimile letter dated 1958 from Winston Churchill

Facsimile letter dated 1961 from Winston Churchill

Facsimile letter (no date) from Winston Churchill

Facsimile letter #2 (no date) from Winston Churchill

Facsimile postcard from Clementine Churchill

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