DUNKIRK COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL – 25th Anniversary Churchill

Posted on Aug 28, 2012

Winston Churchill and the Dunkirk Evacuation, 25th Anniversary Commemorative Medal, 1965

Two medals in 22 ct gold, London Hallmarked. 1,000 of the large medals were issued and 1,500 of the smaller medals were issued. The first 500 of each were issued in sets of two, this being set No. 106.

The large medal’s diameter is 65 mm and weighs 105 gm, 3.37 troy oz. and the second medal’s diameter is 32 mm & weighs 17.5 gm, 0.56 troy oz.

2 gold coins to celebrate the anniversary of Dunkirk

Reverse of medal depicts the evacuation scene of soldiers on the beach, ships and shell explosions in the background, small bluff in the foreground.  Obverse depicts Churchill in siren suit facing slightly left.

Engstrom 50C and 50D

Estimated value: $7,250


Dunkirk Commemorative Medal - 25th Anniversary Churchill

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