Churchill – Stamps: YEMEN with rare overprint

Posted on Mar 22, 2017

 4 Bogash Stamps:
One set with rare “For Poison Gas Victims” Overprint
Both with “In memory of Sir Winston Churchill” Overprint


Yemen 1967 Unlisted “For Poison Gas Victims” Block of 4 with 4 different colors Violet, Green, Black & Red overprint on 1965 April 10th Winston Churchill overprint.

Michel #144 very rare show piece, only a few exist.

Set of 4 very rare Yemen Stamps with Poison Gas Victims Overprint

Yemen Stamps with “For Poison Gas Victims” Overprint

From the Private Collection of HSH the Prince of Conde, Major General of the Royal Yemen Army and aide-de-camp to H.M. the Imam of Yemen, Mohammed AL-Badr who ruled the MUTAWAKELITE Kingdom of Yemen from 1962 until his escape to Great Britain in 1970.

Conde was born in California into a family which had escaped from the French Revolution in 1789 and had established itself in California before the American conquest of that area in 1847. He was educated at the University of California at Los Angeles (1933-37), served in WW II (1945-1948), leaving the military service in 1950 and taking up Arabic studies at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon 1955. In 1956 Conde emigrated to Yemen, becoming a Yemeni citizen in 1958. In 1962 at the outbreak of the Yemen Civil War, he was called into the defense forces of his longtime friend the IMAM. He rose through the ranks of Lieutenant Colonel to Major General in eight years of guerilla warfare on virtually every front, at first against the Egyptians and eventually against the Republicans.

Because if his Philatelic interests, (he specialized in Yemenite Philately and postal history), he was given the additional role of Advisor to the Minister of Communications in 1962. Forewarned of the impending Saudi recognition of the Yemen Arab Republic in June 1970, Conde left for his summer home in Granada, Spain, with the IMAM escaping on July 22nd to London.

Here is the second set of stamps: Corner block of four imperf. with the overprint “In memory of Sir Winston Churchill”

Estimated value for the two items: $950

Rare set of 3 Bogash stamps from Yemen: with overprint "In Memory of Sir Winston Churchill"

Yemen Stamps with Churchill Overprint

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