A Collection, Commentary and Catalogue of the Works of Sir Winston Churchill

Posted on Mar 6, 2013

Here’s several hundred, unbound typescript pages by Henry Fearon. It all began in 1946 when Fearon purchased a copy of The River War. Over the years, as his Churchill collection grew, Fearon put together this catalogue: the name he attributed to this entire work being A Collection Commentary and Catalogue of the Works of Sir Winston Churchill. It was completed in 1977.

According to the previous owner, excerpts from these pages were reproduced and published in the Finest Hour magazine some years ago.

These original folio, unbound typescript pages are protected in a card chemise and contained in a three quarter navy blue morocco clamshell book-like box with contrasting red leather title label and maroon cloth sides.

Unique. A very interesting work.

Estimated value with clamshell box: $850

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