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This website is for everyone who collects or is interested in anything and everything relating to Sir Winston L. Spencer Churchill. It is intended to act as a general guide to collectors and provide information about the availability of collectable items as well as being a dynamic price guide. I welcome collectors…

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About Me

I have been collecting Churchill since the 1970’s when I lived in the UK. Over the years a lot has changed; the quaint bookstores scattered all over England are becoming harder to find. Then there was the heyday of eBay buying and selling, where some fantastic bargains were uncovered, but there were also the ones who were out to rip you off…

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About Collecting

As a collector you should always strive to get the very finest example of whatever it is you are collecting. Condition and scarcity are two of the primary drivers affecting price although being scarce does not automatically make something valuable, it also has to be collectable.

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Recent Additions

Churchill – Stamps: YEMEN with rare overprint

4 Bogash Stamps:
One set with rare “For Poison Gas Victims” Overprint
Both with “In memory of Sir Winston Churchill” Overprint

Young Mr. Churchill: Screenplay – Early Life of Winston Churchill

Original full blue single gilt line paneled morocco by Asprey, lettered in gilt on spine, all edges gilt. Screenplay script printed on blue paper on rectos only, with original binding holes in gutter…

The British Gazette, Issues 1-8 (complete run)

The British Gazette, [Issues 1-8 (complete run), chronicling the 1926 General Strike]
Editor: Winston Churchill
Signed by Winston Churchill with an important manuscript notice by him.
The ultimate collector’s copy of The British Gazette.

Churchill’s War Speeches: First, Second & Third. 1940

The War Speeches of the Right Hon. Winston Churchill: First, Second, and Third Series wartime speech pamphlets Bombay: H. W. Smith at The Times of India Press, 1940. First edition, only printing.

Churchill – Bronze Bust by Lawrence Ludtke

Bronze bust of Winston Churchill by Lawrence Ludtke. Limited edition of 150. Commissioned by the Dallas book dealer, Richard Hazlett in 1993.

Signed by Churchill: Programme & Menu, May 1950 + Photo & Letter

Program & Menu both signed by Winston Churchill together with a photo taken at the luncheon and a thank you letter…

Churchill Signed Letter to Kitchener + Signed Photo of Kitchener

Letter signed by Winston Churchill to Lord Kitchener, together with signed photo of Kitchener

FOR SALE: Wedgewood Portrait of Winston Churchill – 1974

Wedgwood portrait of Sir Winston Churchill 1974. Commemorating the centenary of the birth of Winston Churchill (1974). Limited Edition: # 868 of 1000

FOR SALE: Winston Churchill Brooch, Pin

Winston Churchill Sterling Silver Brooch Pin by Deakin & Francis, Birmingham, England, 1966

FOR SALE: Halcyon Days Box – Commemorating Churchill’s Death

Limited edition commemorative box in memory of 50th anniversary of the death of Sir Winston Spencer Churchill. #35 of 50

Reason and Reality – Speech by Winston Churchill

Extremely rare pamphlet. Churchill’s first major World War I speech as Secretary of State for War, delivered in Sutherland, Northumberland, January 3, 1920.

Churchill’s speech warns that Britain faces recession, Germany faces “exclusion,” & that Bolshevism is on the march.

Souvenir Menu w/ Churchill’s Signature + Eisenhower & Montgomery

A very rare two-page souvenir menu for a 1945 Christmas Dinner at the H.Q. of the British Army of the Rhine in Herford, Germany.
Featuring signatures of Winston Churchill, Field Marshal Montgomery & Dwight Eisenhower

FOR SALE: Churchill’s Book – Life Through His Paintings

The title says it all: A magnificent, oversized book documenting more than 500 of Churchill’s painting. Each painting is accompanied with relevant text, providing a huge resource of background information per painting.

Winston Churchill – Signed Letter, 1954 to D. Flower

Here’s a letter (with original handwritten signature) from Winston Churchill to Desmond Flower (1907-1997) dated June 14, 1954 written on 10 Downing Street stationery. The letter explains Churchill’s statement: “I attach the greatest importance to books being capable of being bound and opening easily with flat pages…”

Commemorative Halcyon Days Enamels Box – Churchill

Here’s an exquisite commemorative box in memory of 50th anniversary of the death of Sir Winston Spencer Churchill. This Halcyon Days enamel on copper box is number 25 of 50, so quite a find…

£5 Gold Coin – 50th Anniversary of Winston Churchill’s Death

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the death of Sir Winston Churchill the Royal Mint produced this £5 gold coin. Proof quality, 5 pound, maximum mintage 720

Liberalism and the Social Problem by Winston Churchill. 1st Edn. Signed by Churchill, 1909

This First Edition book signed by the author, Winston Churchill, contains his speeches as a young liberal in 1909. 5000 copies were printed but it still seems to be quite a scarce work.

WINSTON CHURCHILL’S GREAT CONTEMPORARIES – Revised Edn 1938. 29 Biographies by Churchill

Winston Churchill’s Great Contemporaries. 4 additional biographies making 29 total: Lord Fisher, Charles Stewart Parnell, Lord Baden-Powell and Roosevelt…

The Mirrors of Downing Street: Some Political Reflections.  Winston Churchill’s Signature

Begbie presents his Political Reflections of Politicians of the time (1920) such as Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George, H. H. Asquith…


This version features the scarcer dark reddish wrappers; the yellowish green wrapper version is more readily available…

FOR SALE: Churchill Centenary Turks & Caicos 20 Crowns Sterling Silver Coin

Turks & Caicos 20 Crowns Sterling Silver Coin issued by the Royal Canadian Mint to Commemorate Churchill’s Centenary in 1974

FOR SALE: 2 Churchill Centenary Silver Coins – Cayman Is / Turks Caicos

Boxed set of 2 coins issued by The Royal Canadian Mint to commemorate Churchill’s Centenary in 1974: Turks & Caicos 20 Crowns, Cayman Islands $25

FOR SALE: $100 Gold Proof Coin – Cayman Islands – Churchill Centenary

Here’s a $100 gold proof coin from the Cayman Islands issued to commemorate Churchill’s centenary in 1974. In original box, with the Certificate of Authenticity.

FOR SALE: Churchill Centenary Commemorative Gold Proof Coin – 100 Crowns – Turks and Caicos Islands

Here’s a Turks and Caicos Island Churchill Centenary / Commemorative Gold Proof Coin, 1974
100 Crowns


Here are eight Churchill coins that I have grouped together because they are all Churchill Centenary Commemorative Proof Coins.


According to many Churchill Collectors and Churchill Experts this venerable catalogue No. 132 by Harold Mortlake is the most highly acclaimed. Mortlake, a bookseller on Charing Cross Rd., London…


Here’s 7 superb prints of Churchill’s paintings, on art paper, each measuring approx. 21″ x 26″ in the original cardboard mailer. How impressive they would be when framed.


Churchill / Roosevelt Atlantic Charter Wartime Poster. Measures 14″ x 28″ produced by the Office of War Information, printed by the Government Printing Office.

FOR SALE: Churchill Centenary Silverware Plate, Annigoni, Pobjoy Mint, $650.00

The most common piece of Churchill silverware, produced by the Pobjoy Mint in an issue of 2,500 by the Heritage Club for the Churchill Centenary, by Pietro Annigoni is this silver plate. Offered for sale by Churchill-Collector.

SILVER PLATE – CHURCHILL SILVERWARE, 1974, by Annigoni, Churchill Centenary

Churchill silver plate, produced by the Pobjoy Mint in an issue of 2,500 by the Heritage Club for the Churchill Centenary, by Pietro Annigoni…